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Daisy Ridley has to wear a pillowcase on her head because Star Wars is one endless secret

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Daisy Ridley / Instagram

Daisy Ridley — whose Instagram is one of the internet's rare founts of undiluted happiness — has posted another of her inspiring workout videos, but this time, with a twist!

The twist is that she ran to the gym between shoots for Star Wars: Episode VIII, and therefore was obligated to cover her head with a pillowcase in order to shield her "REY HAIRSTYLE" from "Instagram's gaze." I'm forced to ask: with our persistent, atonal howling of "SPOILERS!!!!!" have we damned a delightful young woman to a life of constantly considering which parts of her body she must hide out of respect for our sensitive eyeballs? Or, alternatively but relatedly, is Disney just that bonkers? Do you think that there is a producer at Disney whose sole task is to walk around putting pillowcases on people when their body parts constitute spoilers? Has anyone paid Daisy Ridley $1 billion for putting up with us yet, and if not, to whom can I direct a furious inquiry?

I would lie down and weep, were I not at work and had I not spilled yogurt near my chair earlier today.

For her part, Ridley does not seem put-upon by the pillowcase situation at all. In fact, she's pretty chipper about it, and points out that she is a "#secrecyqueen" and a "#topemployee." I agree with you, Daisy!

Give Daisy a raise.