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Republican National Convention app includes live streaming and 360-degree video

Republican National Convention app includes live streaming and 360-degree video


Explore Trump's nomination in 360 degrees

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RNC 2016

The GOP's new mobile app, out now for iOS and Android, will support both live streaming and 360-degree video from the Republican National Convention taking place on July 18th. The app, called RNC 2016, will be used to live stream speeches at the convention, feature 360-degree video, and provide users with a map and schedule of the event. The RNC takes place at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, OH and marks the moment the Republican Party nominates its candidate for the upcoming presidential election. The GOP is expected to pick presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

The mobile app was developed by the Committee on Arrangements for the RNC and the Cleveland Host Committee. Both receive assistance from AT&T, which is the official comms, video, and tech partner of the event and the distributor behind the RNC 2016 app. "The communications and digital efforts are very much working hand in hand to make sure that we're reaching different audiences and working together," Audrey Scagnelli, the national press secretary for the convention, told Adweek. "I think that we've reached a lot of different channels." Google is the RNC's official live streaming partner, and much of the same video can be viewed on YouTube for those not interested in downloading a separate app for the convention.

This US presidential election has seen an uptick in technology partnerships

Both US political parties have been incorporating more technology throughout this year's slew of election events, with companies like Google and Facebook partnering to help bring search analytics, Q&A platforms, and streaming features to major debates and other events. Last month, the GOP even launched a Snapchat channel, reports Adweek. "This is the first time the convention has had a Snapchat," Scagnelli said, "and I think this app is one of the ways we're working to reach people and communicate and share information ... across many different platforms reaching different audiences."

That said, the industry's involvement with the RNC has created tensions, as some prominent tech companies have refused to participate in the event due to Trump's rhetoric. Google and Facebook decided to move forward with plans to support the RNC — Facebook will have a lounge at the event to promote its social network and mobile apps. Others, like Apple and HP, pulled financial and hardware support over Trump's sexist, racist, and xenophobic campaign positions and public comments.