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Pokémon Go is now available in the US for iOS and Android

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Let us capture all of them

After a somewhat rocky launch over the last 24 hours, Pokémon Go is now available in the US for iOS and Android. The App Store link can be found here, while the Play Store version is here. Pokémon Go first began populating in app stores in Australia and New Zealand yesterday, and the availability of the app in those two markets alone set off an internet frenzy that's persisted all throughout the day.

At the time, The Pokémon Company, which works with Nintendo and game maker Niantic Labs to oversee development of Go, told US and Japan players to "please wait a while." It seems that wait wasn't too long, as the augmented reality mobile game has finally popped up for iPhone users in Apple's US online store. The Play Store link, which previously said the app was "unavailable in your country," became active just a short while ago following a slight delay after the iOS link went live. It's unclear at this time when Pokémon Go will be made available in Japan, Canada, the UK, or other markets.

Update July 6th, 9:54PM ET: Added Play Store link indicating Android version is now live.

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