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One of the founders of Android is starting an education project inside Google

Rich Miner, Android's cofounder and a general partner at Alphabet's venture capital arm GV, now has plans to step down and start an education company within Google. Miner told Fortune that the project is being built at Google because of the company's pre-existing education assets, rather than it becoming a separate Alphabet entity. However, it'll take some before what Miner plans on building comes into focus.

"I don’t actually know exactly what we’re building yet," Miner said. "Just like Android took us our years to get the first device out and I helped create WildFire 25 years ago as a voice-based personal assistant, which is just now starting to happen. This vision is another big idea, but it will take time."

"This vision is another big idea, but it will take time."

Miner founded Android with Andy Rubin, Chris White, and Nick Sears back in 2003, two years before the company was bought by Google. He went on to join GV (formerly known as Google Ventures) in 2009, where he spent considerable time and money looking for the next big company for Google to invest in. With his education company now his priority, he'll move into a venture partner role at GV that will allow him to maintain his board seats.

Correction 7:30pm ET: GV has informed The Verge that Miner is working on a special project rather than a company. The article above has been updated to correct the error.