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A new Mr. Robot scene just premiered live on Facebook

A new Mr. Robot scene just premiered live on Facebook


'Truth. Change. Revolution. It's nearly time.'

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With its highly anticipated second season set to premiere in less than a week, Mr. Robot sent its fans into a frenzy one last time by showing off what's ostensibly a scene from the new season on the show's Facebook page. After quickly recapping the first season's climactic hack of E Corp and the ensuing chaos, a masked member of fsociety reveals himself to be none other than Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallström), broadcasting from within fsociety's headquarters. As Wellick wraps up his message, Elliot (Rami Malek) executes a piece of mysterious code. "It's almost as if something's come alive," says Wellick, watching the sequence unfold; Elliot grabs some popcorn, and the clip ends. The hype is real!

If you've somehow avoided taking the plunge into the world of fsociety until now, you still have a little time to get caught up. Mr. Robot is returning on July 13th.

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