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Fruit Ninja VR is out now for the Vive, because of course

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Fruit Ninja is part of the classic casual iPhone game canon — your finger becomes a katana ready to slice through watermelons as fast as you can keep up. But in case you felt like that just wasn't immersive enough, Halfbrick Studios has now released a virtual reality version for the HTC Vive. (Let's pretend the Kinect version never happened.)

As you'd expect, the game uses the Vive's motion controllers to give you 1:1 control over your swords, with cartoony fruits flying at you from various directions. As you'd expect, this is kind of a lot of fun. There are Arcade, Classic, and Zen modes, the latter of which stops pesky bombs from harshing your fruity mellow.

Impale a fruit with one sword and slash it with the other

There is actually already a Fruit Ninja-style game for the Vive called ZenBlade, which is a slightly more "realistic" take on the concept; you only use one sword, you can only use its cutting edge, and the visual style is more muted. I think I prefer Fruit Ninja VR already because you can impale a fruit with one sword and slash it later with the other.

Fruit Ninja VR is out now in Steam Early Access, which means the game isn't quite finished — there's just those three modes and one location so far, with more content to come. It's priced at $14.99, with 20 percent off for the first week.