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Final Fantasy VII is now available on Android for $15.99

Final Fantasy VII is now available on Android for $15.99

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Android users can now play the iconic role-playing title Final Fantasy VII on smartphones and tablets. The mobile port, released for iOS devices last year, can be found on the Google Play Store for $15.99. You'll need Android 4.1 or later to run it, as well as four gigabytes of free memory. A relatively powerful device is also a help, with developer Square Enix providing a list of recommended hardware here. Meet those requirements though, and Cloud, Aeris, Barret, and Tifa all await.

As with the iOS release of FFVII, the Android version brings a number of minor tweaks and updates to the original. You can turn off random enemy encounters and use a new Max Stat cheat command to instantly boost your characters' stats. Unfortunately there are some bugs too, including one which causes "buggy, submarines, airships, and other modes of transportation [to] cease to move." The only fix is a restart, says Square Enix.

Final Fantasy VII is also getting a non-mobile re-release, with Square Enix announcing the title as a PS4 exclusive last year. The game takes it visual cues from the 2005 film Advent Children and also reportedly includes "dramatic changes" to the classic battle system of FFVII. Fans of the series awaiting a new entry in the franchise have Final Fantasy XV to look forward to, which is scheduled to be released on PS4 and Xbox One September 30th.