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About that gun violence epidemic piece again ...


It really caught me by surprise how many people in the comments of the article jumped into defense mode over guns in the US and criticized the article. IMO the gun situation in the US is so obviously flawed that there's not even room for discussion over it, but boy was I wrong, apparently.

So with the most recent incidents in Louisiana, Minnesota and Dallas during the last 36-or-so hours, I'd like to pick up on this topic again, especially after watching this Video from Vox Media about US gun violence statistics, which pretty much paints a definitive picture. But even with this video, which just shows factual numbers and statistics, you still find a whopping 11,135 people (38%!) disliking it. How is this possible?

Sound off and gun lovers, feel free to explain to me what went wrong in that 3 incidents mentioned above and whether gun regulation (or a lack thereof) has anything to do with it. I saw both videos (Louisiana, Minnesota) and am literally disgusted.