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How to transform your smartphone into a Necronomicon

How to transform your smartphone into a Necronomicon

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Morgan Loebel is an artist and dental technician from Kansas who just happens to make some of the most horrifying smartphone cases we've ever seen. His creations — dubbed Morgan's Mutations — are all one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted horrowshows built for iPhones and Android devices. They're also perfectly suited for the devil himself, boasting glistening flesh, unblinking eyeballs, drooling tongues, and all manner of misshapen teeth.

The teeth are a particular speciality of Loebel's, who says his first career was "key" to him becoming a mutant sculptor. Being a dental technician requires "patience, artistic skill, and a steady hand," writes Loebel on his Facebook page. "I fabricated realistic, detailed crowns, bridges and other dental prosthesis at high volume… In the 20 years I was at the lab I must have made hundreds of thousands of teeth."

And now look at what all that practice has gone and created. Not quite Frankenstein's monster, but monstrous smartphone cases all the same.

You can check out more of Loebel's work on his Instagram page, and even buy one of his creations on Etsy. Cases go for around $200, which is pretty pricey, but just think — with one of these, no-one will ever dare steal your smartphone again.