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Huawei sues T-Mobile, saying carrier violated wireless patents

Huawei sues T-Mobile, saying carrier violated wireless patents


Huawei gets aggressive

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Huawei has filed a lawsuit against T-Mobile US for what the Chinese telecom giant says are patent violations of its 4G wireless network services. The Wall Street Journal first reported the news of the suit.

In the complaint Huawei said T-Mobile has been using Huawei's patented network technology without paying for it, and that Huawei had offered to license its patents to the US wireless network but the two entities couldn't come to a licensing agreement.

T-Mobile isn't the only company Huawei has filed suit against recently: Two months ago Huawei, which has swelled to become the world's third largest smartphone maker, sued Samsung over its use of 11 standard-essential patents. As reported by The Verge at the time, the complaint appeared to be the result of a breakdown in licensing negotiations, with Huawei saying it was not being paid royalties for the use of its intellectual property.

And it's also not the first time Huawei and T-Mobile have butted heads: Two years ago T-Mobile filed a complaint in Federal Court saying Huawei had stolen trade secrets around a mobile phone-testing robot nicknamed "Tappy."

T-Mobile US declined to comment on the latest lawsuit.