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22 Disney movies cut into one smile-inducing music video

22 Disney movies cut into one smile-inducing music video

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To promote hundreds of hours of work, filmmakers typically build demo reels. The music video-length montages condense the flashiest bits from a creator’s oeuvre into a digestible nugget of hype. They sprint to a pulsing club anthem or galloping stadium rock, so that the rush of visuals and sounds might trigger the secretion of joyful chemicals in the viewer’s brain — and help the filmmaker land a gig.

Fan.Tasia is like a demo reel for Disney animation. The three-and-a-half-minute video splices 22 animated Disney films to the beat of "Pop Culture" by Madeon, itself a mashup. The films hit wth a rapid fire pace, making it impossible to spot every detail.

Emotions Of Pixar from Lindsay McCutcheon on Vimeo.

Last year, amateur editor Lindsay McCutcheon published the sweet Emotions of Pixar compilation, but Fan.Tasia displays a considerable leap forward in craftsmanship. While McCutcheon doesn't edit full time, she tells The Verge she is "looking to break into the industry at some point." Fan.Tasia, for example, was an opportunity to learn the After Effects editing software.

McCutcheon is currently working on a Studio Ghibli supercut, and another secret project. Though I will confess, I anticipate something else. For me the most entrancing video on McCutcheon’s YouTube channel is this snippet of a salsa lid flipping beneath a water faucet. I’m not alone. At the time of publish, flippy lid has nearly 213,000 views.

And a sequel.

Asked when we'll see part three of the flippy lid trilogy, McCutcheon says, "As soon as a studio devotes a large enough budget to my creative vision, there’s so much riding on it."

Update: The story now includes comment from McCutcheon on the supercut.