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The 2TB Xbox One S was a limited launch edition that's now sold out

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Microsoft's new 2TB Xbox One S console is selling out around the world, but it appears that might be by design. While Microsoft is planning to release 500GB and 1TB versions of the Xbox One S, the 2TB console is a special limited edition launch model. "The 2TB Xbox One S was released as a special launch edition in limited quantities only," says a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to GameSpot.

That could mean that Microsoft might not ever manufacture a white version of the 2TB Xbox One S, but what it more likely represents is the company's plans to offer the larger console in limited edition colors and bundles. Microsoft is already planning to release a 2TB Gears of War 4-branded console later in the year, and it's hard to imagine there won't be other bundles in time for the holidays.

Eurogamer reports that the 2TB Xbox One S has completely sold out at most retailers worldwide. It's not clear when Microsoft plans to launch the 500GB and 1TB models, but the company says it will be "sharing further details on other Xbox One S bundles and variations in the coming weeks."