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Google Docs finally works properly on the iPad Pro

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Only yesterday I was sitting in a cafe with my iPad Pro, editing an article that a colleague had shared with me in Google Docs, thinking to myself "man, if only this app would get updated so I wouldn't have to pop into Slack every couple of minutes to see what's up, my life would be better right now." Although Google Docs did get an iPad Pro update back in March, it was half-baked — things ran at the right resolution but there was no support for Split View, meaning there was no true simultaneous multitasking.

Well, Google plugged that hole today. The Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps have all been updated with Split View support, so you can run them on one side of the iPad's screen at the same time as a browser, Twitter, Slack, or anything else on the other. (This will work on the iPad Air 2 and mini 4 as well as the Pro.) It's a pretty essential feature for the Docs suite, making research, editing, and collaboration much smoother, and if the timing is late it's also fortuitous — coming just as Logitech released its new Create keyboard for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, which our own Walt Mossberg found to make for a great combination.