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No Man's Sky exploit lets players duplicate their most valuable resources

No Man's Sky exploit lets players duplicate their most valuable resources

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An exploit in the recently released No Man's Sky is allowing players to quickly farm some of the game's most valuable resources. Eurogamer's Ian Higton tested the glitch, and was able to collect five Atlas Stones in 30 minutes — an achievement that would usually take hours. (These high-level items are also needed to complete the game's ending.) Here's how to work the exploit, courtesy of Eurogamer, if you're so inclined:

"Upon death in your ship, No Man's Sky allows you to claim back your ship's inventory from your grave marker. But by reloading a previous save you can get your inventory back plus access to the grave as well, doubling whatever you had at the time.

The items you wish to duplicate need to be in the ship's inventory, and you'll need free slots to pick them up, but — in theory — if you had 10 Atlas Stones in there you will instantly get 10 more."

This isn't the first time No Man's Sky has been undermined by exploits, with developer Hello Games releasing a day one patch that fixed a number of issues — including one glitch that let players quickly reach the center of the galaxy (which creator Sean Murray has described as the ultimate objective of the game). With such an ambitious and complex title, we can probably expect more patches in the future too, but until then, just keep exploring.

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