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Wave Race 64 may be one of the Wii U's last great games

Wave Race 64 may be one of the Wii U's last great games

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What if DJ Khaled alone has the power to introduce Wave Race 64 to a new generation? No, no, no, please don’t leave. I have serious evidence to support my theory!

In December of last year, a jet skiing DJ Khaled became lost at sea, a near-tragedy documented on the musician’s Snapchat. Two weeks later, on December 31st, Nintendo released Wave Race 64, arguably the pinnacle of jet ski racing video games, on the Wii U in the European market. For some conspiracy theorists, that would be enough. But I am a skeptic, so I waited for further proof.

Then earlier this week, DJ Khaled filmed himself talking to the belly of his pregnant fiancée Nicole Tuck in an attempt to tell his unborn child the glories of jet skis. Today, Wave Race 64 becomes available on the Wii U in North America. Coincidence? I think not.

But why would he do this? Perhaps DJ Khaled wants the Wii U to die with dignity. The console, riding the proverbial jet ski into the sunset, has in Wave Race 64 one of a few final worthwhile games to justify the hardware’s continued existence. Or maybe what we’re witnessing is the gestation of DJ Khaled’s true powers, and he will bring to the world a new Wave Race for Nintendo’s next console. Or maybe, like a great DJ, he likes to introduce young people to the work of previous masters. Or maybe DJ Khaled talks about jet skis constantly, and this theory is baseless. Frankly, all of these reasons seem no less likely than the others.

Wave Race 64 is available on the Wii U eShop for $9.99.