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DC's first gay superhero series is coming to CW Seed next year

DC's first gay superhero series is coming to CW Seed next year

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The CW, which has quickly become the home for DC superheroes on network TV, has yet another superhero series lined up. Deadline reports that Greg Berlanti, executive producer behind such shows like Arrow and The Flash, is currently working on an animated series starring a gay superhero. Titled Freedom Fighters: The Ray, the new show will premiere on the CW Seed website next year, with plans for the character to cross over into the live television universe later on.

Freedom Fighters: The Ray is set in the so-called Arrowverse, a shared universe occupied by live-action versions of DC's Green Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl, and the Legends of Tomorrow. The series will follow Raymond "Ray" Terrill, a reporter who is exposed to a "genetic light bomb" that gives him light-based superpowers, allowing him to fight crime. The character is pulled from comics writer Grant Morrison's take on The Ray in The Multiversity.

DC's TV efforts are looking as strong as ever

The new series also joins CW Seed's other Arrowverse series, Vixen, which launched online last year. That character, who fights crime with animal-based superpowers, will make her live-action debut on Legends of Tomorrow later this year, providing a template for The Ray's eventual step into the real world. All told, with gay character leading his own TV series, DC's television efforts are looking as strong as ever.