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Please enjoy beautiful photos of lil foxes

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Roeselien Raimond

Foxes are nature's greatest gift to us — not only are they cuter than dogs, they don't demand that we feed them and pay for their rabies shots. They are wild, but in a cool way. They probably won't eat your young child, like some other wild animals would. They are smart, and have been known to trick hounds into being their close personal friends, in order to avoid capture / certain death. They have excellent instincts for physical comedy.

I have known many foxes, because a mama fox came to my parent's front lawn every spring throughout my childhood. It was where she would bring her newest fox litter, in order to hold a "walking and running training camp" that was usually a complete adorable disaster.

let's celebrate foxes

Dutch wildlife photographer Roseleien Raimond shares my feelings about foxes, and has considered herself charmed by them for years. To celebrate foxes, in all their wonder, she took a series of portraits of foxes with distinct personalities, and fashioned short life stories for them.

My favorite is "Old Dog Fox," because he looks like he is doing some method acting to prepare for his role in an upcoming remake of Red River. Raimond recounts in the photos caption, "When I first met him he was already very old. As one happy grandpa on a bench at the jeu de boules, he was sitting in the sun." Delightful!

All of the foxes are very good. Especially this fox, whom Raimond has named "Fantastic Mr. Fox," in reference I assume to a Wes Anderson movie about a fox played by George Clooney. I see it! Raimond points out that Mr. Fox is "lacking a mirror," so he "will never know how handsome he is," but I know.

fox portrait Roselien Raimond

On her Instagram, Raimond calls the fox below "Sad Eyed Fox of the Lowlands," but her website tells a more intriguing story: "The Don Juan of foxes. Before reaching the age of one year, during mating season, he ran through the dunes like a madman. No female fox could resist this sad, intense gaze. All female foxes, from minor to elderly, he wrapped around his paw effortlessly. Big chance that in the future the dunes will be flooded with little fox kits with this intriguing sad glance…" What a saga! What a fox.

Outside of the "Foxy Faces" series, Raimond has taken dozens upon dozens of candid shots of foxes doing what foxes do best: bringing me unquantifiable joy! I'm not sure what's happening between these two foxes, but Raimond says it's a "KISS" and that's what I would have liked to believe anyway.

This fox sort of looks like he would like to live with me. :)

You can see more of Roeselien's work on her website, or on her Instagram! If you are for some reason not enamored with foxes, these sites will not be as enjoyable for you but there are some great duck and cat photos to peruse as well.