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Amazon is introducing 1-Click food purchases inside its own Prime Video shows

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Amazon is releasing a series of shows about Japanese cuisine that will let viewers buy featured products with a single click inside the app, Nikkei reports. The shows are being produced as part of a tie-up with entertainment giant Yoshimoto Kogyo; the first will feature comedy duo Taka and Toshi along with foods from their native Hokkaido.

The shows will be exclusive to Amazon's Prime Video streaming service, and viewers with preregistered payment and delivery information will be able to buy the products right away by tapping the 1-Click icon — just as you can on the Amazon website. There will be four shows of about 40 minutes in length, and Nikkei says they'll be made available in "some locations overseas" as well as Japan this fall.

"When we win a Golden Globe, it helps us sell more shoes in a very direct way," Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told Walt Mossberg at this year's Code Conference. But by letting viewers buy products inside Amazon's shows themselves, the e-commerce colossus may have found a more direct way for its entertainment operations to feed back into the primary retail business.