What bag to buy and organise your accessories?


I've been using a firm-provided Targus bag the last four years. Now that I'm earning a bit more, I want a nice, durable bag.

Initially, I was going to buy a GridIT for all my cables and stuff and stick that in my existing rucksack then a colleague suggested buying a bag from Cocoon (the guys who make GridIT).

That led to me thinking about buying a new bag too and I saw Thomas Ricker's new post on backpack vs messenger bag today and thought, why not make a forum post.

I thought I'd list out all the regular things I'd want in my bag and then hear your suggestions on bag and how to organise it all: HP Spectre x360 laptop, iPad Mini 4, a Dell stylus for the laptop, an Adonit stylus for the iPad, a lightning cable, a microUSB cable, business card holder, charger plug, a 10,000mAh battery, pair of headphones, a portable bluetooth mouse (I just bought an Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse so we'll see how that goes although I read on Wirecutter something like a Sculpt Mobile may be more ergonomic.

The other things is that the weather here is unpredictable so I need to be able to carry a small umbrella outside of the bag (so if it gets wet, i can stick it in an outside pocket) and the bag needs to be able to keep inside items dry when raining).

So, what do you all think I should do. I read a wirecutter guide but I don't think many of their suggestions were available in the UK. I would prefer to check out a bag physically before buying it rather than a straight online purchase so shop recommendations are welcome too.