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Seth Rogen is making a comedy about the singularity for FX

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Because there's nothing funnier than artificial superintelligence

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Seth Rogen could be leaping from fratty antics to futurism with a pilot he's working on for FX, one that's focused on the impending technological singularity that experts like Ray Kurzweil believe is on the horizon. (A quick summary for the uninitiated: the singularity is the point at which AI becomes smart enough to improve on itself at an accelerating rate, resulting in the creation of an artificial "superintelligence" with capabilities greatly outstripping our own.) Rogen revealed the project to Nerdist's Chris Hardwick while promoting his new movie Sausage Party on Hardwick's podcast of the same name. (You can hear him do so around the 55:20 mark here.)

"We have a pilot for FX that we're gonna shoot that we're working on right now," said Rogen. "We're writing the script right now, we're working on the script... we'll film that sometime in the next year." Rogen wasn't even sure if the project was announced, but that didn't stop him from sharing a few more details. "It's called — it's about singularity, it's about artificial intelligence," said Rogen. "It's a half-hour comedy about the singularity! And I won't say anything else, just because I don't even know if I can talk about it." Details are obviously pretty slim at this point, but I look forward to watching Rogen and his buddies hotboxing a hyper-advanced AI on FX at some point in the near future.