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New evidence suggests bigger 100 kWh battery for Tesla Model S and Model X

New evidence suggests bigger 100 kWh battery for Tesla Model S and Model X


Increased battery size could boost Model S range to 380 miles

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New evidence has emerged that Tesla is preparing to release a 100 kWh battery option for its Model S and Model X cars. Both vehicles currently offer 90 kWh batteries as their largest capacity, and the increased size would boost their ranges — perhaps to as much as 380 miles for the Model S.

Dutch blog Kenteken.TV reports that RDW, the Dutch regulator that certifies Tesla's vehicles for use in the European Union, recently published listings of a number of new Tesla variants. This certification is necessary for the cars to be sold in the EU. Kenteken notes that RDW's public database now includes entries for a Tesla "100D" and "100X" — variant titles that follow Tesla's current naming system based on battery capacity. The listing for the 100D also claims the vehicle has a range of 613 kilometers, or 381 miles (although Autoblog notes that EU range estimates tend to be more optimistic than those issued by the US EPA).

This isn't the first hint we've had of new 100 kWh battery options either. Back in March, a Tesla fan found mention of a "P100D" buried in the automaker's software, with the "P" suggesting a new high-end variant for the car. Some fans have even suggested that Tesla has ben teasing the update through social media, publishing pictures of the Model S under "100" graffiti. A Tesla spokesperson at the time said the emoji just meant that the car was "100%" and had nothing to do with a larger battery. This latest evidence suggests otherwise.

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