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Watch a mouthwatering paper meal be prepared in gorgeous stop-motion animation

Watch a mouthwatering paper meal be prepared in gorgeous stop-motion animation

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Sometimes I wake up late and forget to pack lunch for work. It happens to everyone. Whenever I forget leftovers and want to save money, I try to piece together a meal with whatever snacks I can find in the break room. But on Mondays, when the break room hasn't yet been restocked, my hunger can lead to delirium, and suddenly, led by a voracious appetite, I wonder, "What if the office supplies themselves could be a meal?"

The stop-motion Papermeal video series from Australian design studio Yelldesign makes my stomach-churning hallucinations appear delicious. They also call to mind the glory days of Nickelodeon interstitials, when commercial breaks were peppered with stop-motion shorts.

Each Papermeal video focuses on the assembly of a different dish, with all the food and cooking utensils built solely out of paper and filmed in stop-motion. To carry the papercraft theme even further, most of the shorts focus on imagining the food itself as originating as an office item: for example, rolled folders become pasta, while a yellow sticky note transforms into a slice of cheese.

There are five Papermeal videos in the series, ranging from a clever computer-themed fish and chips to a Wreck-It Ralph-esque assembly line for an ice cream sundae. The combination of the creative recipes and detailed animation work make all of them a delightful diversion from a Monday morning.

It’s important to note that as delicious as the paper meals look, you shouldn’t actually eat them should you try and make them at home. If you’re looking for some edible food, try checking out our sister-site Eater’s YouTube channel as a way to tide yourself over until your lunch break. And if you need more stop-motion content to keep you going, check out the work of director PES, considered one of the best animators in stop-motion film today, or Laika's upcoming stop-motion film Kubo and the Two Strings.