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Oculus Rift arrives in European and Canadian stores on September 20th

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Available to preorder now

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The international rollout of the Oculus Rift has been happening in fits and starts, but today the VR headset takes a big plunge into markets outside the US. Oculus has announced that the Rift will be available to buy in a number of European and Canadian stores from September 20th, with online preorders from the same retailers starting today for a suggested price of £549 or €699.

In the UK, the Rift will be available from LewisPC WorldGame, and London's Harrods department store. In France, the headset will be sold at and FNAC; in Germany at Amazon.deMediaMarkt, and Saturn; and in Canada from Best Buy and the Microsoft Store. Oculus also says a number of these partners will also be offering in-store demos, bringing the total number of locations for these experiences to more than 600 across the US, Canada, and Europe. But remember: check your PC is ready for virtual reality before you splash out on a VR headset.