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Logitech's new G Pro Gaming Mouse is remarkably similar to its G303

Logitech's new G Pro Gaming Mouse is remarkably similar to its G303

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Logitech announced its new G Pro Gaming Mouse today as an option for gamers who might be looking to upgrade their G303 from last year. It’s a wired mouse designed to withstand 20 million clicks. There aren’t a whole lot of differences between the G Pro Gaming and the G303. Both can have their DPI set between 200 and 12,000; both have onboard memory; and both come with the same PMW3366 sensor. All those things are great, so why upgrade? Maybe for the slight weight difference.

Though Logitech calls its Pro Gaming Mouse a "durable yet lightweight design," the weight difference isn’t too far off from the G303. The Pro weighs three ounces without the cable, whereas the G303 weighs 3.07 ounces. The Pro also has a simpler design. Although both come with six programmable buttons, the Pro is sleeker and more intuitive; it also doesn't have massive side RGB light panels. It's definitely not as unique as the Razer Hex V2, but who doesn't like understandable? Now, is 0.07 ounces worth a new mouse?

Both the G303 and Pro Gaming Mouse cost $69.99; the new mouse will be available starting later this month.