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Watch the first trailer for Denis Villeneuve's sci-fi movie Arrival

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Premiering at the Venice International Film Festival

After a tense teaser release, the first full-length trailer for Denis Villeneuve's latest sci-fi offering Arrival is here. The movie stars Amy Adams as a linguist and translator hired by the government to communicate with aliens who have just arrived on Earth. The team must make their way inside the aliens' oblong spaceship and determine whether they want friendship or something more sinister.

Without giving away much, the trailer positions Arrival as a movie about language, and imagines what a slight miscommunication could mean for two species on the brink of a global war. The movie also stars Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker, Michael Stuhlbarg, and Tzi Ma.

Villeneuve, who helmed last year's Sicario, and is also set to direct the upcoming Blade Runner sequelArrival will premiere at the Venice International Film Festival later this month before screening at the Toronto Film Festival in September. It will see a wide release on November 11th, 2016.