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Listen to a Lana Del Rey tribute to BlackBerry Messenger and the good ol' days of sexting

Listen to a Lana Del Rey tribute to BlackBerry Messenger and the good ol' days of sexting

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Lana Del Rey's peppiest tracks are always about classic American brands: Pepsi cola, Mountain Dew, James Dean, Lolita shades, Bruce Springsteen, et cetera. A recently unearthed 2011 demo about BlackBerry Messenger is no exception, but it is the most exuberant, dance pop-inspired of them all.

If your issue with Lana Del Rey stems from her proclivity for doom and gloom, "BBM Baby" just might change your mind. Turns out all it took to cheer up Lana was a really hot text from a pretty good keyboard. Who knew! Stars: they're just like us.

"be my bbm baby"

The song, co-written and produced by Penguin Prison the same year that iMessage was announced, details the thrills of sexting someone extra special in Blackberry's messenger app. The lyrics are full of little nods to the cutesy lexicon of those texting golden days (it feels like so much more than five years ago!): "he signs X-O, hearts / hey, I know it's true love cause my heart goes yay" and "I heart you, you're the one that I adore." The lyrics are also full of some other things that I don't really want to quote!

Renowned for its security, the BlackBerry is the ideal phone for your XOXOs and your NSFWs. They've been used by the government for safety, and when sending sexts safety is preferable. Blackberry Messenger isn't uniquely safe, but it has that precious whiff of Blackberry branding. There's something grown-up about it. The word Blackberry itself calls to mind a businessman so busy balancing his corner office on Wall Street, Long Island family, and four downtown affairs, that he can't make time to upgrade to iPhone or Android.

Hopefully this song provides some comfort for Kim Kardashian West, who recently said goodbye to what may have been the world's last BlackBerry Bold. Also, "be my BBM baby" seems like a cool retro thing to say to someone if you're in the mood to flirt using gadget talk. Just think about it!