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Microsoft begins rolling out Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update

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The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is on its way to Windows 10 Mobile devices, Microsoft confirmed today. It's not quite as feature packed as the desktop update released for PCs earlier this month, but does add some niceties like a camera shortcut and media controls on the lock screen, plus a new, vastly improved universal Skype app. The settings menu has seen some changes, and the Anniversary Update also adds support for fingerprint readers to Windows 10 Mobile. Oh, and you get a lot of new emoji to pick from, too.

As always, Microsoft cautions that the availability of this update will vary based on "manufacturer, model, country or region, mobile operator or service provider, hardware limitations, and other factors." If you've got an unlocked Windows 10 Mobile device, the odds are at least slightly better you'll get the latest version without a long delay. To check if it's available for your smartphone, go to Settings, then Update & security, then Phone update, and finally tap on Check for updates.

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