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I Am Cait has been canceled after two seasons

I Am Cait has been canceled after two seasons

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The E! docu-series I Am Cait has been canceled after two seasons. The show, which dealt with reality star Caitlyn Jenner coming to terms with her transition, comes to an end after grappling with the issues involving trans identity and Jenner's personal politics but failing to build a large enough audience to sustain it.

Jenner announced that the show wouldn't return on Twitter this afternoon:

The cancellation confirms that the show had been struggling since its debut. Despite drawing in 3.9 million viewers for its premiere last summer, the show swiftly slipped in the ratings, reportedly getting only 750,000 viewers for its season two opener. Rumors of a cancellation have since plagued the show, though E! never confirmed them.

Of course, Jenner isn't at all done with television. She'll likely continue to make appearances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, with that show's 12th season set to end later this month. Meanwhile, she's slated to appear on the third season of Transparent, which will debut on Amazon next month.