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Overwatch player makes the most noble sacrifice in gaming history

Overwatch player makes the most noble sacrifice in gaming history


'You stay, I go.'

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Blizzard team shooter Overwatch is a game designed around heroic moments. It hands players ample opportunity to sacrifice their kill counts, their glory, and the characters themselves for the greater good, to be immortalized in the match's signature "Play of the Game" moment shown to every participant after the dust has settled.

Oftentimes, this highlight is a rush of brutal takedowns, each completed in succession to push a team over the finish line. But occasionally, it is something else — something more pure, the kind of Hollywood sacrifice you'd reserve for the most tear-jerking moments of a big-budget blockbuster. So it was only a matter of time before one hero rose to the occasion, to make the most noble sacrifice in video game history to allow his team to clinch victory.

"You are who you choose to be."

In this replay, submitted on Reddit, a player using the Mad Max-inspired character Roadhog employs his special move, a chain hook that allows you to yank enemies out of safety or steal away their chance to deal fatal attacks on teammates. The player does so just as an enemy D.Va, a character whose mech suit doubles as a powerful explosive, soars high into the sky. With the match on the line, the Roadhog latches onto the D.Va mech and pulls it into the gaping hole on Ilios.

And what better way to commemorate this achievement than by overlaying one of the most utterly devastating scenes in childhood animation history. Just remember: in Overwatch, it's not how many enemies you fell, but what lengths you're willing to go to protect your friends.