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Make your own Stranger Things title cards with this site

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Stranger Things has reached the mass production stage of meme-making, with a new, single-purpose website letting you place any text in the show's instantly recognizable title card. People have been making this sort of Stranger memes before this site showed up (see: "17 Random Foods In The Stranger Things Font"), but there's nothing like automating the process to ensure that a joke burns red hot for half a day before flaming out for good.

Here are a few examples we've seen on Twitter:

We're not sure whether Netflix commissioned this (smart marketing if so), but the creator of the site seems to be one Michael McMillan for the design studio Nelson Cash. McMillan said last night that there had been over 11,000 submissions — but we're sure that number's gone up by now. Anyway, have at it before you get irrevocably bored of the joke, the show, your life, etc, etc.

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