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Give your forgotten copy of GTA V a facelift with the stunning Redux mod

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Available for download September 16th

The most recent Grand Theft Auto games have been a magnet for modders, but if you've not been keeping up with their latest graphical and gameplay enhancements, it can be a surprise to see how far they've come. Case in point is Josh Romito’s GTA 5 Redux, a packet of mods that touches on everything from the game's weather system to the behavior of law enforcement and — most importantly — looks stunning.

Redux is going to be available for download September 16th, and this week Romito released an impressive new trailer for the mod (above). If you're interested in giving your copy of GTA V a shot in the arm with Redux you can check out an FAQ here, or see below for a list of Redux's main improvements. As you can see, mods aren't just about shiny cars: you also get more random crime and faster trains.

  • 100% re-configured population levels, with options to customize to your liking
  • Brand new pedestrian spawning, adding story-line characters into the natural population.
  • More and varying police now spawn on the streets and hunt down criminals! Watch out!
  • Fluctuating population levels between different times of day and location.
  • Brand new vehicle spawning, and the addition of all DLC vehicles into the spawn cycles.
  • Now see up to 8 police cars with helicopters chasing down AI criminals in the city!
  • Random events and crime happen much more frequently.
  • Highly increased scenario pedestrians to add more life to the city! (drinking coffee, eating, walking dogs, jogging, hiking, general activity, etc)
  • All pedestrians react much different, with much larger variation. Depending on the individual you approach, reactions will different.
  • AI handles car crashes, popped tires, violence, destruction and death, while behind the wheel, different. Enjoy the Shocking reactions!
  • Trains now travel much faster!

Correction August 18th, 06:34AM ET: The release date for the Redux pack has been corrected.