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Facebook is partnering with Unity for a desktop gaming platform

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Facebook and game engine company Unity have announced a partnership that will let developers easily port their Unity games onto the social network, including a Facebook desktop gaming platform that’s currently in development. Developers have until August 31st to apply for a closed alpha of the export tool, which will be integrated directly into the Unity Editor.

According to TechCrunch, the desktop platform has evolved significantly from a downloadable Windows app (called the Facebook Games Arcade) that started beta testing earlier this year. It will apparently be available on platforms besides Windows and will support both traditional Facebook games and "more ‘immersive’ hardcore games." The Unity engine is nigh-omnipresent in game development, so the scope could potentially be very broad.

The details are still nebulous, and there’s no timeline given. But so far, it sounds like a potential competitor to desktop gaming catalogs like Steam and GOG — just one that’s focused more on casual gaming and comes with a massive built-in audience.