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Cards Against Humanity is releasing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump-themed expansion packs

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The proceeds go to Clinton’s campaign

Cards Against Humanity wants to get involved in the upcoming US presidential election. The game’s makers are selling two $4 expansion packs, each with 15 cards, that are Trump or Clinton-themed. The proceeds from both card packs goes toward Clinton’s campaign. Here are some sample cards, according to Wired. One card asks, "What has been making life difficult at the nudist colony? __________."  Another says "When you go to the polls on Tuesday, remember: a vote for me is a vote for __________."  Players can now answer with "Jeb!"  or "actually voting for Donald Trump to be President of the United States."

Only people in the US can buy them because as Cards Against Humanity says on its website, "if you don’t currently live in the United States, good."

The packs are currently on sale through the game’s website; so far they’ve raised more than $200,000 for Clinton's campaign.