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Frank Ocean plays new songs on mysterious live stream

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But Boys Don't Cry still isn't out

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Frank Ocean's third studio album still isn't out, but the R&B star seems to have given attentive fans a sneak peek at the long-awaited Boys Don't Cry this evening. Ocean debuted snippets of tracks that could possibly be taken from the upcoming release on a live stream tonight, as a black-and-white video showed him beavering away in his workshop.

Boys Don't Cry was scheduled to arrive on Apple Music more than two weeks ago, but the release date came and went without any word from Ocean, and the album has yet to become available — much to the chagrin of his fans. This isn't the first time Frank has broadcast himself in his workshop, but previous streams were punctuated by short clips of ambient music, rather than the longer chunks of music we heard tonight. There's still no word on when we might be able to hear the whole thing, however — Frank apparently has more important things to do in his woodworking studio.

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