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GoPro's Hero 5 lets you tag awesome moments by saying ‘that was sick’ out loud


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Pretty legit images and specs of GoPro’s Hero 5 leaked this morning, and one of the standout features appears to be voice control. Shortly after that we got our hands on an unfinished version of the user manual, which offers even more detail about the camera, including all the things you’re going to be able to do with your voice. The best option? The ability to trigger GoPro’s “highlight tag” feature by simply shouting this phrase to the gnar gods: “GoPro, that was sick!”

See for yourself:

Surf your way out of a barrel right as it collapses? “That was sick.” Stomp your first 540 in the half pipe? “That was sick!” Survive the 10 foot jump from the roof of your ranch-style house into the deep end of your pool? “OH MY GOD THAT WAS SIQ!!” (I’m guessing the Hero 5 won’t be able to discriminate against your preferred spelling of the word.)

GoPro has come a long way from the surfer-bro image that got the company its start, but living the brand doesn’t get more on the nose than this. To be honest, though, I’m disappointed that it’s the only colloquial voice trigger listed here. I can’t imagine I’m the only one who’s already tired of shouting “Hey Siri!” or “OK Google” just to do something that a few taps would have otherwise accomplished. The user manual is definitely not final, so who knows? Maybe more commands are in the works, or maybe this won’t wind up in the final product. (There is a font difference in this one, after all.) Either way, give me vernacular voice control or give me death.

Update August 19th, 4:20PM: Updated to include an eagle-eyed reader’s spotting of a font difference.

Update September 23rd, 5:45PM: Confirmed that you can actually do this. Sick.