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Jon Stewart's new HBO show will be an animated parody of cable news

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It's been a little less than a year since Jon Stewart signed a four-year contract with HBO, and now we're getting a clearer idea of what that means for viewers. His new show will be an "animated parody of a cable news network," according to Variety. Casey Bloys, HBO's programming president, said at a press tour this past weekend that the currently untitled series would premiere "sometime in September or October."

Bloys also said that Stewart is starting an animation studio within the network, according to Variety. The idea is that with a studio, Stewart and his team will be able to produce online content to comment on the news every day, as well as a weekly TV series.

This past April, HBO announced that it had acquired 3D graphics startup OTOY, and that Stewart was already working with the company to create online-only videos. It's still not really clear what the linear series and the online content will look like, but it seems obvious Stewart still has a lot to say — here's hoping his show is ready in time for the election.