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Leo nearly spilled his hibiscus iced tea because he had to do this great prank

Leo nearly spilled his hibiscus iced tea because he had to do this great prank

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Academy Award winner and perennial stepdad Leonardo DiCaprio played a little joke on his friend Jonah Hill recently. The joke was: "I'm a fan of yours, snapping your picture on the streets of New York City! Kidding! Actually I'm just your friend Leo!"

This joke is so dumb, sure, but also it is so good! The waddle. The hat. The half-full cup of hibiscus iced tea (or maybe a fancy cranberry juice?), sloshing perilously. The grin. The hug. The hug. So sweet!

According to Variety, Jonah Hill was essentially paid in Monopoly money and saltwater taffy for his role in Martin Scorsese's Wolf of Wall Street. But was this not where the seeds of a beautiful friendship were planted? The duo had already appeared in Django Unchained together, but didn't share any scenes. On the set of Wolf of Wall Street they seemingly cemented a lifelong bond. Said Hill of the era: "Any time you do any sort of physical scene with Leonardo DiCaprio, he doesn't understand that it's acting and he beats the living crap out of you for six months."

As the man in this video would say, "Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice!"

It's crazy to think that there was a time when DiCaprio was just your garden variety heartthrob. Today he's so much more: Oscar loser, Oscar winner, model dater, Bieber hater, vape vaper, bear wrestler, and wearer of many other hats. For example, these hats:

Add to the list: a scrappy 'lil prankster. I love you, Dad.