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Frank Ocean just dropped a powerful new music video, Nikes

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We’ve been waiting for four years for some new music from Frank Ocean, and we finally got to take in his "visual album" Endless when it hit Apple Music yesterday. Now, he’s released a powerful new single called "Nikes" that plays tribute to Trayvon Martin, as well as southern hip-hop icon Pimp C and A$AP Yams. Just a warning: the video does include nudity, so maybe be careful watching it in public places.

"Nikes" opens with a kaleidoscope of imagery and sound that alternates between Ocean’s sped up and deeper, slowed down vocals, before his unadulterated voice enters near the end of the track.

It’s unclear if "Nikes", which is an Apple Music exclusive, is a standalone project or apart of Ocean’s upcoming conventional album, which was called Boys Don’t Cry at one point. But this likely won’t be the last we hear from Ocean this weekend, as the reclusive artist will reportedly release that album sometime in the next two days, according to Rolling Stone.

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