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Tesla creates two-year lease option for Model S and X

Tesla creates two-year lease option for Model S and X

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Looking to buy a Tesla? The company just launched a new two-year lease program for all of its Model S and X vehicles. However, the trial program will apply to all orders of the company’s vehicles from now until September 12th.

The new option comes with a hefty price tag

Tesla already offered a three-year lease program, but said it received numerous requests from potential customers asking for a shorter lease period. The monthly payment will start at $593, but that's only half the story — it will require a significant down payment: buyers will have to put down $7,288 for a Model S 60 kWh car, or $7,425 for the Model X at 10,000 miles a year. By comparison, a 36-month lease will require a $3,862 and $3,983 payment, respectively.

There’s no word on whether or not Tesla will opt to extend the option after September. As InsideEVs notes, the timing lines up so that any vehicles ordered by that deadline will be delivered before the Q3 earnings report. Tesla fell short of their Q2 goals, and announced in July that they were intending on delivering upwards of 2,200 vehicles a week this quarter.

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