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North Korea has released its own on-demand video service

North Korea has released its own on-demand video service

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Korean Central Television

North Korea is a notoriously isolated country. Sanctions have closed off most trade, and the nation limits its citizens' access to the internet. Despite those hurdles, DPRK residents reportedly now have access to their own streaming video service, according to NK News.

Called Manbang (which means "everywhere" or "every direction"), the streaming service was unveiled by the Korea Central Television. It allows viewers in the country to replay documentaries and other programs, and also reportedly will provide language lessons for those who want to learn English or Russian.

The device is an Internet Protocol Television that works through a separate box, sort of like Apple TV or Roku. It apparently provides live access to several North Korean networks. NK News noted that the country has extremely limited internet service, and that if the service exists, it will allow viewers to stream live channels to a television.

It remains to be seen whether or not they will carry Louis Cole’s YouTube channel.