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Help find a lost Nintendo DS in this funny free smartphone game

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For the 30 short stages of Hidden My Game By Mom, a mother hides a little boy’s Nintendo DS, and you must help find it. This is, at least at first, a traditional hidden object game, a genre indebted to Where’s Waldo and decades of Scholastic magazines. By tapping the 2D artwork, you move books and furniture or collect stools and brooms from the living room, gradually adjusting accumulating the right tools to find the hidden treasure. Except it’s not quite so simple, and after a few rounds, the tone of the game begins to, well, change.

I won’t spoil anything here, other than to say Hap Inc. has become on of the better developers of unblinkingly odd mobile games. HMGBM is available on iOS and Android.

After Hidden My Game By Mom, you might want want to try some of the developer’s other releases. Here are three more recommendations.

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