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Twitter brings night mode to its iOS app

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After an Android launch back in July

Twitter on iOS 8, iPhone 6 (stock)

Twitter is now rolling out the much-anticipated night mode feature to its iOS app. First introduced on Android back in July, night mode re-skins the mobile app in darker hues to make it easer to scan the feed and read tweets in environments with less light. To toggle night mode on and off, head to Twitter’s settings panel after you receive and download the update. Then tap "Display and sound," where it now sits under text size and other accessibility options.

This has been the in works for quite some time. Twitter last year hired well-known developer Joaquim Vergès, who made the popular Falcon Pro Twitter client for Android. One of Falcon Pro’s much-loved features was a night mode setting, and Vergès was on the team who helped develop the feature for Twitter’s official Android app. Now, after a couple months of testing, Twitter has brought the feature to the iPhone.