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This could be Mozilla’s next logo

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Mozilla, the open web pioneer, is staying true to its collaborative and open roots by performing a brand redesign right out in public. The company has published its shortlist of new logo proposals, which it will now consider, refine, and whittle down to create its next brand identity. Among them is the above, seemingly abstract, structure that actually spells out Mozilla’s name in its multicolored isometric shapes.

There’s another quirky design that incorporates various colors and shapes to spell out "Mozilla":


And then there are few more staid and predictable variants:


The unifying feature of all of the redesign concepts is that they’re carefully thought through. And even where you might say their appearance is too retro or ugly, there’s an evident purpose and message to each logo. There are also lots of pictures of how each logo can be applied across stationery, mugs, T-shirts, and the like, so click over to Mozilla’s site to get an eyeful.