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Leslie Jones hack being investigated by Homeland Security

Leslie Jones hack being investigated by Homeland Security

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Mike Windle/Getty Images

Homeland Security is looking into the hack of comedian Leslie Jones' iCloud account, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Yesterday afternoon, personal photos were taken from Jones' iCloud account and posted to her Tumblr, along with her driver's license and passport. Her phone number and Twitter password were also made public, according to The Wrap. Jones' team eventually took her Tumblr down, but not before the photos surfaced elsewhere.

It was initially reported that the FBI was investigating the attack, but THR confirmed the FBI was not involved. Back in 2014 when dozens of nude celebrity photos were made public following an iCloud hack, the FBI opened an investigation. In that instance, the FBI traced the attack to several IP addresses, and seized computers, phones, and storage drives from at least one of the people linked to the hack, according to CNN.

The magnitude of the agency's involvement in Jones' case is not yet immediately clear.

Correction, 12:19PM ET: An earlier version of this post stated the FBI was investigating the attack. The investigation is actually being handled by the Department of Homeland Security.