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Dirty jokes from museum field trip live forever on YouTube

Dirty jokes from museum field trip live forever on YouTube


But a First Amendment museum sort of has to roll with it

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Have you ever dreamed of being a journalist? Maybe just of being on TV? Maybe just of 10 minutes of internet fame? Or maybe just relative internet obscurity that brings approximately 120 strangers in contact with your face for all of 52 seconds?

Then head on down to Washington, DC’s Newseum where you can "Be a Reporter!" The journalism-centric museum on the Washington Mall lets anyone stand in front of a green screen and deliver a news segment. A teleprompter is provided, but use of it is not enforced, I am assuming, based on this video of someone named Buttface calling the Supreme Court "basically useless."

A trove of the funniest (and dumbest) submissions has been archived by a YouTuber who files the videos under the channel NewseumArchives. The channel isn’t affiliated with the museum in any way, though Newseum marketing director Jonathan Thompson said his staff is aware of it.

Until this morning, when links to many of the videos were tweeted by Mic reporter Sage Boggs, we certainly weren’t aware of this low-profile treasure chest either. But it feels great to live in this grand new world!

"Some of them are pretty creative," Thompson told The Verge. "The ones with the kids are really funny. Some kids are naturals in front of the cameras and some really don’t know what they’re doing."

The "Be a Reporter" clips used to be uploaded directly to the Newseum’s YouTube channel, an option that was available from the time that the museum opened in 2008 until earlier this year. Thompson told The Verge the option to upload video is currently suspended because the exhibit’s technology is being updated, though you can still "record yourself on an iPhone" if you really want to preserve your newscast. He declined to comment on whether the upload feature will ever return.

Thompson estimated that thousands of Newseum newscasts are currently on YouTube. The uploads weren’t moderated in any way by the Newseum, if that was not already obvious.

The YouTuber who maintains NewseumArchives, who declined to provide his name, told The Verge that he stumbled across one of these entries serendipitously while searching for something else, then spent days watching hundreds of the "Be a Reporter" entries. He downloaded his favorites and then reuploaded them onto his channel, saying he felt "these things needed to be seen somewhere."

His favorite entry is this person:

The Newseum’s stated mission is to "promote, explain and defend free expression and the five freedoms of the First Amendment." To which this correspondent says, "Testing, testing, this is a test."

The videos with the most views and engagement are, of course, the videos that contain curse words and bathroom jokes. Just like real-life cable news!