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Young Thug writes a song for Harambe, forgets Harambe

Young Thug writes a song for Harambe, forgets Harambe

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Young Thug wrote a song called "Harambe."

The history of music tells us a song with a proper noun is about said proper noun. The Beatles’ "Yellow Submarine" is about a yellow submarine, "Sweet Caroline" is a about a sweet Caroline, and YG’s "Fuck Donald Trump" is about Donald Trump. So, one would expect "Harambe" to be about the gorilla that was recently killed and reborn as the debatable meme of the summer.

But good luck finding the Harambe in "Harambe."

The lyrics of the song mainly depict Young Thug, or the character of Young Thug, taking Percocets and threatening to kill people.

This shit can get ugly for you / I'll pull up and bust your mama / I'll pull up and bust your brother / I'll aim at your fuckin' family

I'll aim at your whole clique

I'll aim at your mothafuckin' mama

I'll aim at your fuckin' dad

I'll aim at your daughter, son

There is an argument that these lyrics imagine Harambe’s revenge on the family and zoo keepers responsible for his demise. Quick, imagine a ghost gorilla invading your house!

I’m just kidding, don’t do that. You work hard and you deserve good sleep.

As with almost everything else Young Thug has done in his career thus far, there’s basically no point in looking for an explanation. This is a man who left a GQ photoshoot without saying a word, drove to the airport, and got on a plane. This is a man who tried to change his name to "No, my name is Jeffrey." Not "Jeffrey" — "no, my name is Jeffrey." This is a man whose former manager, when asked where Young Thug would be in 10 years, said "dead or in jail." This is a man who wears dresses not because he thinks hip-hop’s history of homophobia needs to be trolled but because he thinks they’re "sexy." This is a man who quietly defined what rap would sound like in 2016!

it’s pointless to guess why young thug does anything

No My Name is JEFFREY (the album, not the guy!) also includes a song called "RiRi" which contains no explicit references to Rihanna. It has the word "work" in the chorus a few times, so maybe that’s the connection? In fact, most of the songs on the tape are named after celebrities, and most of them have seemingly nothing to do with their namesakes.

Anyway, you should listen to this mixtape because it’s good and occasionally scary and Young Thug has added even more strange noises to his repertoire including what sounds like an impression of the seals in Santa Claus is Coming to Town. I love it. Just look at the album artwork. We don’t deserve Young Thug.

""PLAYLIST"" I named the songs after all my idols...

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