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Finally, Netflix admits it's nothing more than a North Korean knockoff

Finally, Netflix admits it's nothing more than a North Korean knockoff

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Wow. Tech rivalries are known for their twists and turns, but today Netflix has done something truly surprising: it admitted it's nothing more than a ripoff of North Korean rival, Manbang, changing its Twitter bio to say as much.

You may have seen reports earlier this week that the Hermit kingdom has developed its own "Netflix ripoff" — a set-top box that delivers TV content on-demand over the internet. But looking at the evidence, it's clear that it's actually Manbang that's the original streaming service, while Netflix is the unscrupulous knockoff, going so far as to directly lift content from its North Korean rival.

After all, it's clear that House of Cards is, at heart, a satire of disingenuous Western politics, while BoJack Horseman is a takedown of the vapid self-involvement of America's West Coast elite. Orange is the New Black shines a light on the dangers of private prisons, while Stranger Things makes clear what every good communist is taught from birth: capitalism breeds monsters — not only profit-gouging landlords, but demogorgons, too.

With Manbang finally taking its position the world stage, it's only right that Netflix retreats into the shadows. After all, as it comes from a country with one of the worst records of press freedom in the world, we just know that Manbang will find enthusiastic support from certain like-minded venture capitalists.

Okay, okay, if you pushed us, we might admit that Netflix is just taking a light-hearted shot at Manbang here. And if you pushed further, we might also acknowledge the Netflix catalog isn’t an attack on the American dream. But there’s one thing on which we won’t budge: the demogorgon is the embodiment of Reaganomics.