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Thor explains why he was absent during Marvel's Civil War

Thor explains why he was absent during Marvel's Civil War

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Captain America: Civil War answered a lot of questions about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, explaining why Steve Rogers and Tony Stark were at each other's throats, shedding more light on the history of Hydra, and drawing philosophical lines between the world's superheroes. But one burning question remained — with his best buddies battling each other back at home, where was Thor?

Apparently, he was in Australia, enjoying the comforts of a bathrobe. Marvel gave us a glimpse at the Norse god's new life down under in a short clip — titled Civil War: Team Thor — posted to Twitter and Facebook last night, showing that while Captain America and Iron Man wrestled with weightier subjects, Thor was bugging his roommate Darryl at work, making amateurish attempts to dig up dirt on Marvel villains, and tucking famous hammer Mjolnir up in an adorable little bed. The clip will be included as a special feature on Captain America: Civil War's digital HD edition, out on September 2nd, and also hints at the future of Marvel movies: Thor's shown pointing at a crude drawing of purple extraterrestrial space warlord Thanos, the next big bad for the Avengers to fight.

Thor's not the only Avenger that sat the Civil War out. Bruce Banner was also absent for the movie, but finds the time to join his godlike friend at a cafe in the new video, and taking a phone call from Tony Stark in the process. Tony says he's been trying to get in touch with Thor, but can't get on board with the superhero's preferred contact method — a raven. It sounds more like Stark's trying to duck his socially awkward work colleague, but maybe he'd rather keep Thor in the dark for fear he'd chose the wrong side? Both he and Bruce Banner's Hulk were both just too powerful to include in the movie, Civil War's screenwriters said, a god and an unstoppable superweapon turning a familial squabble into a potentially world-ending event. Don't worry though — Thor will be moving out of Darryl's apartment and getting back to reality soon.

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