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Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 tease on Instagram isn’t a teaser at all

Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 tease on Instagram isn’t a teaser at all

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Update August 29th, 7:03AM: Rudy Huyn has shown on Twitter that the so-called teaser is an image cropped from an old Surface Book promo, not from an internal "sizzler" as claimed by Windows Central. The article below is as it originally appeared.

Microsoft has started teasing the successor to its Surface Book. In an oddly timed post on Sunday, Microsoft shared a new hinge design with the title "your key to success" on its official Surface Instagram account. Windows Central reports that the image is from an internal Microsoft "sizzler" video to demonstrate concept designs for the Surface Book 2. The hinge in the image appears to be slightly reworked, with fewer ridges than the original Surface Book.

Microsoft's new Surface Book 2 hinge is expected to allow the laptop screen to sit flush with the keyboard, just like regular notebooks. Existing Surface Books have a gap, introduced by Microsoft's use of a fulcrum hinge that lets the display detach from the keyboard base. Microsoft is expected to unveil its new Surface Book 2 early next year, but this early teaser campaign could indicate that the company might be ready to unveil it a little sooner.

Microsoft hinted that a new Surface device would arrive before the end of the year, but reports suggest the company has been prototyping three new Surface all-in-one PCs. If Microsoft is planning to unveil anything Surface-related, then it's likely the company will hold a media event in October.

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