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LG announces huge new ultra-wide monitor with built-in Google Cast

LG announces huge new ultra-wide monitor with built-in Google Cast

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LG is set to launch the world's largest ultra-wide monitor next month, a 38-inch curved creation that's one of three new ultra-wide 21:9 models the company has detailed ahead of the IFA trade show this weekend. Also announced today were two ultra-wide 34-inch monitors: one flat model with built-in Google Cast capabilities, and one curved device, the first of its kind with a refresh rate of 144Hz.

The biggest of the bunch, the 38UC99, is capable of 4K-quality video, producing ultra-wide images at a resolution of 3840 x 1600. In addition to being the world's largest curved ultra-wide, the monitor's also the first of its class to feature a USB-C port, and comes with two Bluetooth speakers packed inside its body. It's also got the price tag to match — the 38UC99 will cost $1,499 when it launches in mid-September.


The 34-inch 34UC79G is a smaller curved ultra-wide monitor, but a little more reasonable than its bigger counterpart, weighing in at $599 at release in November. Coming soon after arch-rival Samsung announced its own range of 30-inch curved gaming monitors, LG says its smaller new ultra-wide is ideal for gamers, with a speedy 144Hz refresh rate and AMD's FreeSync technology. Also focused at gamers is the 34UM79G, an ultra-wide that ditches the curved shape of its siblings for a more traditional flat screen, and includes Google Cast out of the box. The flat 34UM79G will cost $699 at launch in October.